Do Wedding Photographers Give All Photos

Wedding photographers take photos of the couple getting married as well as the wedding party and guests. They capture the ceremony, portraits, reception events and candid moments. Wedding photographers typically take hundreds if not thousands of photos throughout the wedding day. After culling and editing, they provide the best images to the marrying couple.

Do Wedding Photographers Give All Photos? This is a common question couples have when hiring a wedding photographer. They want to know if they will receive digital files of every single image taken or if the photographer edits them down to only the best photos.

What wedding photographers deliver to couples varies. Some provide all final edited digital images while others offer a certain number of professionally retouched photos. A few may give unedited proofs of every shot taken. Couples should ask about the photographer’s delivery process and final product upfront so expectations are set. The number of edited photos delivered can range from a few hundred to over a thousand.

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Wedding Photographes Shoot So Many Photos

Wedding photographers shoot a large number of photos to capture multiple angles and shots of key moments, ensure they get high-quality images despite changing lighting and movement, and provide options for the final delivered photos. The search results state wedding photographers may shoot 50-100 good photos per hour and up to 2000-4000 total for a multi-hour event.

Photos Do Wedding Photographes Deliver

The search results indicate most wedding photographers deliver between 500-1700 final edited photos to clients, with an average of about 600. They cull through the many raw images, selecting and editing down to the best photos for the final album and prints. Some may optionally provide all unedited images.

Determines How Many Photos Wedding Photographes Give

Factors like the photographer’s editing style, number of photographers, inclusion of videography, size of the wedding party and events, and number of locations impact the final photo count. Photographers capturing more angles/events or doing less editing tend to deliver more final photos.

Expect Wedding Photographes To Give All Photos Taken

The search results suggest clients should not expect wedding photographers to deliver all 2000-4000+ raw images taken. Most only provide the best 500-1700 edited, high-quality photos that capture the key moments, emotions, and aesthetics. However, some may optionally include unedited images on request. The final count depends on the package and preferences agreed upon.

Wedding Photographers Give All Photos They Take

Wedding Photographers Give All Photos They Take

No, wedding photographers do not usually give clients all of the photos they take on a wedding day. It’s common for photographers to take thousands of photos throughout the event in order to capture a variety of moments from different angles. 

They will then go through a editing and culling process to select only the best and most flattering images to deliver to the couple, typically a few hundred photos.

Photos Do Wedding Photographers Usually Take

On average, wedding photographers will shoot between 2,000-4,000 photos over an 8-10 hour wedding day. High volume shooters may take up to 5,000-6,000 photos to ensure they capture all the important moments. The number can vary greatly depending on the length of the event, number of locations, and the photographer’s personal shooting style.

What Is The Photographer’s Editing And Culling Process?

After the wedding, the photographer will import all of the images to their computer and review them to remove any unusable photos that are too dark, blurry or poorly composed. 

They will then edit the best images, adjusting color, exposure and cropping as needed. Finally, they will cull the images down to select the top 10-20% very best photos to deliver to clients. This editing process can take 40+ hours.

What Factors Influence The Number Of Photos Delivered?

The number of final edited photos delivered to clients will depend on several factors like the wedding photo package purchased, length of event coverage, and number of locations. Most wedding collections deliver between 300-800 final edited images. Higher-priced packages with more hours of coverage or multi-day events result in more photos.

What Do Wedding Photo Packages Typically Include?

Typical wedding photo packages include 8+ hours of event coverage, digital online gallery access, printing rights, and a set number of professionally edited final images, usually between 300-800 photos. Higher-end packages may include an engagement or bridal session, wedding album, print credits, and more delivered photos

Communicate With Your Wedding Photographer About Photos

You should communicate clearly and directly with your wedding photographer about your photo expectations. Have an initial consultation to convey your vision and priorities for your wedding photos. Provide examples of poses and styles you like. Discuss the photographer’s portfolio and packages to align on deliverables. Schedule time the day-of for the photographer to capture requested people and moments.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Wedding Photographer?

Key questions for your wedding photographer include: How do you capture candid moments? What is your backup equipment policy if issues arise? How many images will be delivered and in what format? What is the turnaround time for edited photos? Do you have liability insurance? May I see a full wedding album you created recently?

Photographer Understands Your Expectations

To ensure your photographer understands your expectations, provide a shot list detailing specific photos you want, give magazine clippings or Pinterest inspiration photos to convey your style, and have a final call the week before your wedding to confirm your photographer knows your priorities and vision.

Delivery Methods Do Wedding Photographers Offer

Most wedding photographers offer online digital delivery of high resolution edited photos via Dropbox or their website. Many also provide a printed wedding photo album or photo book. Other delivery options can include photo prints, canvas gallery wraps, slideshows or photo montages set to music.

Additional Photos From Your Wedding Photographer

You can request additional edited photos from your wedding photographer, especially if there were any important moments missing from the initial delivery. However, most photographers limit the number of photos covered in their packages. Extra photos often incur an additional fee.

Industry Standards For Wedding Photo Delivery

There are general industry standards for the number of photos delivered from a wedding, though there is some variability between photographers. Typically photographers will shoot between 1,000-2,000 photos at a wedding and deliver between 400-800 final edited photos to clients. The final count depends on factors like the length of coverage, size of the event, and skill of the photographer in capturing quality shots. Sue A Photographer

Professional Guidelines Dictate Number Of Photos Given

Professional guidelines don’t strictly dictate the number of photos delivered, but there are typical ranges photographers expect to provide based on the length and size of the event. Customers generally receive between 400-800 final images for a full day of wedding coverage. The focus is more on quality over quantity of photos.

Variability Is There Between Wedding Photographers

There can be moderate variability in final photo counts between photographers. While the 400-800 photo range for a full wedding day is typical, some photographers may deliver fewer photos if they are highly selective, while others may provide up to 2,000 photos if clients request all edited images. There are many factors that lead to differences.

Couples Have If Unhappy With Photos Received

If couples are unhappy with the number or quality of photos received, their options for recourse depend on what was detailed in their initial contract. Most contracts specify what is included in coverage and delivery. Couples would need to review the language and potentially negotiate with the photographer based on what was promised.

Wedding Contracts Detail Photo Counts And Delivery

It is advisable for wedding photography contracts to clearly specify what is included in terms of number of hours of coverage, estimated photo counts, delivery timelines, print rights, and more. Outlining these details upfront ensures both photographers and couples share clear expectations about what will be provided.

Best Practices For Wedding Photographers

The best wedding photographers set clear expectations upfront about what is included in their packages, how many images clients can expect to receive, and their editing/culling process. They also present images professionally in online galleries and aim to provide additional value to couples beyond just photos, such as with helpful blog content.

Photographes Set Clear Client Expectations

Photographers should be very clear in their contracts and communications about exactly what is included. Details like number of hours, locations, and products like albums should be spelled out. Estimates on final image counts can set expectations, but ranges may be better than specific numbers that can’t always be guaranteed.

Culling Practices Produce Quality Over Quantity

Selective culling for the best images produces a higher-quality final gallery. As opposed to delivering all technically sound images, judicious editing to select creative, artistic images the couple will truly appreciate and want to showcase creates more value.

Top Wedding Photographes Present Final Galleries

Presenting images professionally online is key. Great presentation in high-resolution galleries that are easy for clients to access, view, share, and order prints from is expected. Watermarking and design customization options make it a better experience.

Photographes Add Value Beyond Just Photos

Sharing expertise through blogging tips on photography, weddings, vendor recommendations, and more helps couples with planning while positioning the photographer as an expert. Behind-the-scenes images and highlight reels also add value beyond the standard wedding photo package.

Hire A Wedding Photographer Based On Number Of Photos

Hire A Wedding Photographer Based On Number Of Photos

No, the number of photos a wedding photographer provides is not necessarily an indicator of quality or value. Some photographers deliver hundreds or even thousands of photos, but many may be redundant or low-quality. It’s better to evaluate photographers based on their portfolio and reviews showcasing their ability to capture important moments skillfully.

Photos Always Better From Wedding Photographers

Not always. An excessive number of photos can be overwhelming to sort through and appreciate after the wedding. It’s better to prioritize quality over quantity, with a photographer who thoughtfully edits and delivers the best images that encapsulate the emotion and significance of your wedding events. Around 800-1000 polished, high-quality photos is often sufficient.

Photographer’s Quality And Style

Important questions include: how do they guide couples to get great portraits? How do they handle challenging lighting situations? Do they have backup equipment in case of technical issues? Can you provide references from recent weddings shot in a similar style you want? Reviewing full wedding galleries in different conditions shows their consistency too.

Important Are A Photographer’s Editing Skills And Vision

Why Photo Editing Skills Are Important
Editing makes good photos great.
It takes skill to edit photos well.
Editing helps fix small mistakes.
You can adjust exposure and color.
Cropping creates better composition.
Sharpening makes details pop.
It takes vision to edit with style.
Editing brings out a photo’s life.
It helps make work stand out.
Great editing impresses clients.

In summary, a photographer’s photo editing abilities, both technical skills and artistic vision, are very important for transforming ordinary shots into exceptional, high-quality images that stand out and appeal to clients and viewers. Skilled editing can elevate the impact of photography.

Frequently Asked Question

Do Photographers Give Every Single Photo Taken At A Wedding?

No, photographers cull down and deliver only the best photos from a wedding.

How Many Photos Do Most Wedding Photographers Shoot In A Day?

Typical wedding photographers will shoot between 1,000-2,000 photos throughout a wedding day’s coverage.

Why Don’t Photographers Just Give All Wedding Photos To Clients?

Editing thousands of photos takes substantial time and delivering too many can overwhelm clients.

What Percentage Of A Wedding’s Photos Get Delivered In The End?

Most photographers deliver between 10-30% of the total photos taken, showcasing the best moments.

Should My Contract Specify Exactly How Many Photos I’ll Receive?

Yes, wedding contracts should detail estimated photo counts and package options for clarity.


Most wedding photographers do not automatically give couples all the photos taken at their wedding. Instead, they typically deliver a curated gallery of the best edited images. Some photographers offer options to purchase all photos, while others only provide their select favorites.

In summary, what photos you receive depends on the wedding photographer and package purchased. Discuss photo delivery, editing practices, and options for getting additional images when interviewing potential photographers for your big day. Be clear on what is included to set proper expectations about what you will receive after your wedding.

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