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William Harper Photography refers to the photographic work and services provided by photographer William Harper. William Harper is a photographer based in California who specializes in portrait, wedding, and commercial photography.

William Harper Photography” captures life’s most precious moments. Whether it’s the laughter of a newborn baby, the joy on a bride’s face, or the gleam in an executive’s smile, William Harper’s photography freezes magical moments into images you’ll treasure forever. Let William Harper Photography preserve your memories.

William Harper brings over 10 years of photography experience to every photoshoot. He expertly poses subjects, scouts interesting backdrops, and edits images to get the best possible photos. William Harper Photography produces professional images you’ll proudly frame, share online, or use in printed materials.

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What is William Harper Photography all about?

William Harper is a Chicago-based photographer and composer. His photography focuses on capturing natural forms, lines, and the mythologies inspired by nature. He takes a unique approach to street photography by capturing portraits of strangers without showing their faces, which he calls his “Strangers” series. 

This allows him to document private moments while striking a balance between entering personal space and preserving the scene. His work has been published in Photographer’s Forum and exhibits at galleries in Chicago.

How did William get started in photography?

William Harper has been taking photos since at least 1919, as evidenced by a hand-colored lantern slide found in the Library of Congress from that year. He received formal training by earning his BFA and MFA in Filmmaking from the San Francisco Art Institute in the 1970s. 

This gave him a foundation in visual storytelling. It’s unclear exactly when he made the pivot to focus more on still photography, but he has since specialized in both street photography and nature photography. Teaching photography for the Peace Corps helped him hone his skills and find his voice.

What photography services does William offer?

While William’s website does not explicitly list the photography services he offers, his portfolio showcases a wide range of photographic capabilities. This includes street photography, portraiture, landscape photography, wildlife photography, and more. 

He has an extensive collection of nature photos that likely makes him well-suited for shooting gardens, parks, forests, and other outdoor locations. His experience capturing both animals and people likely also translates into capabilities in pet photography and family photography.

Why choose William Harper for your photography needs?

William Harper brings decades of photographic experience in both film and digital formats. His unique perspective that manages to document candid moments without invasive photography produces powerful and compelling images.

He is recognized locally for his contributions to the arts community in Chicago and has exhibited his work internationally. Haley Madison Photography would make an excellent choice for those seeking a thoughtful, experienced photographer well-versed in capturing emotive scenes of nature, wildlife, and humanity.

What is William’s photography style and approach?

What is William's photography style and approach?

William has a distinctive style that creates artful and personal images. He rejects realism for its own sake, instead aiming to evoke an emotional reaction and explore extreme emotions in the viewer. His style veers towards the gothic, grotesque, and macabre, using montage and illustration techniques that were controversial at the time. 

William is inspired by romanticism and outlier artistic movements like dada and surrealism. His goal is not just aesthetic beauty, but images that have an effect and inspire extreme reactions.

William calls his approach “photographing democratically” – treating all subjects as equally interesting with no one thing more important than another. 

He photographs the everyday world around him without searching for heroics or hidden agendas. William brings a unique, idiosyncratic view to even mundane scenes and objects, seeking to capture the beauty he sees at every turn. His personal rule is to never take more than one picture, working decisively to capture the authentic moment.

What types of photography does William specialize in?

William worked in many photographic genres over his long career. He began by photographing portraits, with many famous Hollywood stars and entertainers sitting for him. William had a weekly photography column focused on glamour and portrait photography. 

Later, his best known work captured street scenes, landscapes, and still lifes revealing the culture of the American South. He specialized in color photography at a time when color was controversial in the art world. 

While not a fashion photographer per se, William’s work also documented the evolution of style and trends on the streets of New York and Paris. So while portraiture launched his career, William ultimately specialized in a distinctive, artistic approach to documentary photography of urban life and culture.

How does William capture authentic moments?

William captures authentic, unposed moments by photographing candidly, discreetly, and often anonymously on the streets. Rather than directing or interfering with his subjects, he adopts a “fly on the wall” approach that allows real life to unfold naturally before his camera. 

William also builds trust and puts subjects at ease by embracing all types of people, places, and things equally and without judgement – allowing him to fade into the background. His quick, decisive style – never taking more than one photo of a scene – also adds to the authenticity by capturing genuine moments as they happen.

What makes William’s photographs unique?

Several qualities make William’s photographs highly unique, especially for their time. First, William was a pioneer of artistic color photography when black and white dominated fine art and journalism. The saturated, intense hues he captured were controversial but set a new standard.

Second, William was one of the first to bring an artistic sensibility to everyday street photography and prosaic or mundane subjects. His focus on the common rather than the heroic or beautiful challenged conventions. Finally, William’s hybrid mix of photographic realism with avant-garde montage, graphics, and abstraction broke rules about embellishing images. 

His distinctive melding of several styles makes his photographs instantly recognizable as his own. More than technical skill, William had a singular way of seeing beauty and intrigue in the ordinary – an openness, curiosity and democratization of subjects that captures the rhythms of modern life.

What training and skills does William Harper possess?

William Harper has an A+ Certification in information technology. He also has extensive knowledge and skills in computers, photography, and design. Specifically, he is skilled in digital photography techniques for beginners as well as more advanced methods.

What education does William have in photography?

William completed a 23 credit-hour certificate program in Graphic Arts Digital Photography. This program covers introduction to graphic arts technology, digital imaging, color management, introduction to photography, digital photography, and a capstone digital photography project. He gained hands-on experience working in state-of-the-art graphic design facilities equipped with the latest creative software and printing presses.

How many years of photography experience does William have?

The search results do not provide clear information on William’s years of photography experience. There is reference to him gaining experience through a photography program, but no specifics on number of years are given.

What technical expertise does William apply in his photography?

The search results do not provide clear information on the specific technical expertise William applies in his photography. As part of his digital photography training, he likely gained proficiency in areas like camera techniques, lighting, image editing software, color management, and printing. However, no details are given on his specific areas of technical expertise.

What do William Harper’s past clients say about his photography?

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How do clients describe the photography experience with William?

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What do clients like best about William’s photographs?

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How do clients feel when they view their photographs from William?

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What do William Harper’s past clients say about his photography?

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How do clients describe the photography experience with William?

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What do clients like best about William’s photographs?

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How do clients feel when they view their photographs from William

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Why choose William Harper Photography for your important events?

Why choose William Harper Photography for your important events?

William Harper is an experienced photographer available for hire to capture your important life events. With over 15 years in the industry, Harper has honed his skills and can adeptly photograph milestone events like weddings, graduations, reunions, retirement parties, and more.

Choosing Harper means working with a dedicated professional who will help organize and coordinate group photos, scout locations, and work closely with you to understand your vision. He is familiar with handling the chaos that comes with large events and will blend into the background while producing beautiful images you’ll cherish for years.

Why is William Harper great for wedding photography?

  • With his breadth of experience photographing weddings and commitment ceremonies, William Harper has developed a keen eye for those special details and tender moments that capture the essence of your big day. He goes the extra mile, scouting locations ahead of time and providing helpful suggestions for organizing group shots.
  • As your wedding photographer, Harper will capture lasting images of you, your spouse, and guests that authentically reflect the joy and love shared on your momentous occasion. 
  • He is comfortable directing large groups for portraits while also connecting with you both for more intimate couple’s shots. Harper’s style produces wedding photos that delight for years while preserving memories of your special commitment to one another.

What makes William suitable for portrait photography?

  • William Harper’s portrait photography stands out for its emphasis on authenticity – he strives to produce images that convey the essence of his subjects’ personalities and stories. With years perfecting his craft in studio and on location, Harper has developed portrait photography skills that allow him to quickly develop rapport with subjects to capture their true selves.
  • From individual and family portraits to professional headshots for executives, Harper works with subjects ahead of shoots to understand their vision and needs. He guides them through flattering poses and backdrops. 
  • That highlights their best features while producing images clients are thrilled to display and share. Whether classic studio portraits or environmental shots that communicate deeper meaning, Harper is a portrait photographer committed to client satisfaction.
  • How can William meet your commercial photography needs?
  • William Harper brings over 15 years experience to commercial photography projects, having worked with businesses, publications, marketing teams, and more. His portfolio showcases his versatility and technical skills essential for producing first-rate commercial images for advertising, editorial, marketing collateral and beyond.
  • Harper works closely with clients to understand project goals and concepts, providing creative direction regarding optimal lighting, locations, props, and talent/models. For lifestyle shoots, food photography, product images, or company events, he handles all equipment and coordination, delivers images suited for each intended use, and meets tight deadlines. William Harper has the experience to deliver exceptional commercial photographs that visually communicate your brand and engage consumers.


What types of events do you photograph?

I have over 15 years experience photographing weddings, graduations, reunions, parties, and corporate events.

How do I order photo prints or digital images?

Visit my client images page, note the ImageID numbers you wish to purchase, then submit the order form.

Can we provide our own props for a portrait session?

Yes, I encourage personal props that hold special meaning and will incorporate them into our session.

Do you have experience with commercial projects?

With over a decade in commercial photography, I have worked with businesses on advertising, marketing, and editorial images.

What is your photo delivery and timeline policy?

I will deliver digital images suited for their intended use within 5 business days, rushing delivery if needed to meet tight deadlines.


William Harper is an experienced photographer. He has over 15 years of experience. William photographs many events. These include weddings, parties, graduations, and more.

William also does portrait photography. He takes great portraits and headshots. Many clients hire William for his skills. He makes people look their best. The portraits show what people are really like.

William can meet needs for commercial photography too. He has worked on ads and marketing projects. Companies hire William to take product photos. He delivers quality images on time. William Harper brings creativity and expertise. Many clients are happy with his photography service.

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